Brief description of aims and content

This module consists of two instances #1: Software Engineering Concepts and instances#2. Software engineering and Project Management. The module covers the fundamentals of software engineering, including understanding system requirements, finding appropriate engineering compromises, effective methods of design, coding, and testing, team software development, the application of engineering tools and the tools used to manage the software project.  The module will combine a strong technical focus with a capstone project providing the opportunity to practice engineering knowledge, skills, and practices in a realistic development setting with a real client. The module has organised into two instances as follows;

Instance #1: Software engineering

Foundation Concepts, Challenges of Software Engineering, Software Development Methodologies, Agile Software Development Methodologies, Techniques for Estimating Software Time, Techniques for Estimating Software Cost, and Software Quality Control & Assurance

Instance #2: Software Project management

(I): The notion of project, the notion of management, the notion of software project. Classic organization theories. The functions of management. Differences between software projects and other projects. Difficulties inherent in SW project management. (II): Project initiation, management, and success, appraisal and risk, quality systems and implementation, environmental impacts; (III): Management functions: Planning, developing policies and strategies, organization, personnel management; turnkey operations, global issues,(IV): Revision of the waterfall model for software project development. Project management within the framework of waterfall model. Introduction of various management tools such as project network charts, Gantt chart, etc.(V): Project economic issues costs, finance, international commerce, negotiation, customs, Law of contract, preparation of contracts, interpretation of contracts and contract implementation and (VI): Practical’s: MS Project Management.


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