The course in business management will help to develop a business management culture, which is vital for promoting economic development. It is also intended to acquaint students with knowledge of principles and procedures in business and skills that are necessary for a successful business career. The course will further lead to the acquisition of attitudes that are necessary for success in modern business practice. The module provides students with best practices for leveraging the competitive value of human capital in organizations. Students will be exposed to current issues and practices associated with workforce management, including the legal and regulatory elements of managing employees, staffing, job analysis, performance management, discipline, compensation systems, benefits and termination. A strategic approach will be emphasized which encompasses methods of measuring the financial implications of human resource practices and exposure to a balanced scorecard approach to human resources management.

Having successfully completed the module, students should be able to understand:

The basic principles and techniques for managing a profitable business enterprise.

Human resource management procedures to organizational strategy by completing a balanced scorecard approach to human resources.

Human resource planning

Recruitment and selection

Motivation of employees

Employee development and training

The basics of organizational behavior

Ethical values pertaining to employees

Organization culture and conflict and resolution

Organization structure and design and organization change and development