Module consists of three instances “#1. Computer Graphics” “#2. Digital Imaging” “#3. Multimedia Applications”


#1. Offers an introduction to computer graphics, which has become an increasingly important area within computer science. Computer graphics, particularly in  association with the multimedia aspects of the World-Wide Web, have opened up exciting new possibilities for the design of human-computer interfaces. The purpose of this module is to investigate the principles, techniques, and tools that have enabled these advances.


#2. This unit describes all the important aspects of the Photo Editing and Graphic Designing. It provides the basic concepts of the Photoshop Environment and how to use Photoshop.

This module includes also an introduction to creating visual and interactive web pages using animation. The student will use a vector based web animation program to draw, import and prepare graphics for web movies.


#3. This unit provides information about Raster and vector graphics systems, video display devices, physical and logical input devices, issues facing the developer of graphical systems, simple colour model homogenous coordinates, viewing transformation and clipping.